Monday, December 15, 2008

The Uncompany Collective launch, and what Santa left behind

A HUGE, GIANT THANK YOU to all the curious creatives, all 150 or so of you, who showed up to the Uncompany Collective's launch at the GOOD space. We were delighted, energized and inspired by the response. Seems like more than a few of us are looking to pull together L.A.'s notoriously disparate creative community. Dozens of great connections were made--I saw one jewelry designer connect with a store owner who wanted to carry her wares, journalists teamed up with editors they hadn't worked with before, wardrobe stylists pitched screenplay ideas...the room brimmethed over with ideas. As one modern furniture store owner commented, "this was the most optimistic recession gathering I've ever been to."

The Secret Santa table was, as predicted, a wild success. One writer couldn't get enough of her vintage black purse. A costume designer was excited by her mini bottle of Grey Goose. Inexplicably, this delicious candy jock strap (pictured) and a pine cone remained unclaimed.

Look out for coverage of the event at The in the next few days and in the LA Weekly in January.

What with all the mingling, I only found time to snap a few are a couple...many more will come shortly. If you have any, please send them in to us at

Posted by Caroline Ryder

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  1. powerful intention = wonderful result(s)

    the event was a delight and an excellent catalyst for mind-marrying, resource-expanding, and future-building...i look forward to more moments like it!

    three cheers again to the uncompany creators!