Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Networking in the News


The Uncompany Collective will be mentioned in an article in an upcoming issue of Los Angeles magazine. The focus of the article is on networking in the entertainment industry, but it was borne of a comment made by an uncompanist to Laurie Pike six months ago, about how the stigma of "networking" is evaporating in this climate of economic uncertainty and the deepening pool of freelance and independent workers.

And on that note: we are looking forward to the next event of The Uncompany Collective! For each event the baton is passed to the next organizer, who puts their imprint on it. Michael Sy is leading the charge for what may become a super cool swap meet. Or something entirely different. Regardless, the goal is to expand our professional networks across disciplines and across industries and make new connections that lead may lead to new projects. (Unless for you its about dating!) So think about what you want to do when the baton is passed to you.