Friday, March 6, 2009

March 1st, Uncompany 2nd.

Wow! (OK this wee photo doesn't do it justice.)

What a great day. Architect & designer Andrea Lenardin Madden not only lent her studio for the second gathering of the uncompany collective, she squeezed (squoze?) fresh oranges for mimosas along side Dean, her studio intern. They organized a lovely spread secured by Edie Kahula Periera and generously donated by Peet's Coffee and La Brea Bakery. DJ Eric Layer created a musical backdrop to the proceedings. Guests mingled inside and outback. Damn gorgeous weather last Sunday.

The point of the gathering was a SHOW & TELL. Not just hi-how-are-you-what-do-you-do but show me. The net result was a generous exhibition of actual objects and printed statements from each contributor. From J Michael Walker's original painting to Steffie Nelson's latest book to soft service stitched goods by Michael Sy, the "exhibits" were amazing. (Did you really think everyone would sit still through a bunch of live presentations? Of course not.) It was a chance to get better acquainted with each other's work and seek out those who piqued our curiosity. Right there in the room.

Already new work is coming out of the uncompany collective: Jessica Fleischmann (graphic designer, still room) was connected to Julia Gogosha-Clark (eyewear maven, Gogosha Optique) for a card design project. Please share your success stories!

If you were there last Sunday, please post your SHOW & TELL statement (that is the form you filled out for the event) to this here blog. It would be great to see it. And with photos too. Email for password access to theuncompanycollective (at)