Monday, December 22, 2008

mucho kudos to Google

Hey a big shout out is due to GOOGLE, without which this project would not even be possible.

The Uncompany Collective receives email there....theuncompanycollective at gmail dot com....and keeps track of stuff & things at Google docs and Google calendars. It's super simple and it's FREE. Which fits the UN of the mission perfectly. Google enabled a great holiday brunch with food, drink, and real professionals behind the bar. (Thank you, Akasha, for coming out!) Alta Dena, La Brea Bakery, Mighty Leaf Tea and Intelligentsia also contributed to a fine day in the GOOD Space. We got to borrow Modernica furniture and use Repurpose cups courtesy of GOOD. (If you're nice, GOOD may let you use the GOOD Space for a small fee. But you have to be nice. Plus GOOD.) So mucho kudos to Google and also these serious talents: Eric on turntables, Ryan on video, Jenn Su on a/v, and Chet in general. xx

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